This tutorial will explain the Lighting system of FIFE and how it can be accessed in FIFErpg.


The Lighting system is used to set and add lights to FIFE maps. We will first look at the types of light FIFE uses and later how to add to a map with FIFErpg.

FIFE distinguishes between 3 light types: Simple, (Resized) Image and Animation and a camera specific lighting color.

Camera lighting color

This determines the global lighting used by the camera.

Simple lights

A simple light is a circular or elliptic light that is created from 4 values:

  • Intensity: A value between 0 and 255. Determines the brightness of the light. The light will be weaker towards the edges of the circle.
  • Radius: The radius of the circle in pixels.
  • Subdivisions: How many points the circle will have. More means that the edges of the circle are smoother.
  • Color: The color of the light as 3 values (RGB) between 0 and 255.
  • x- and y-stretch: A float value by which the light should be stretched in the x- and y-direction respectively.

(Resized) Image lights (lightmap)

An image light is a light that is created from a lightmap. The color values of the lightmap will determine the form, color and brightness of the light. A resized image light is like a image light with the image being resized to a specific height and width.


This is like an image light but with an animated lightmap. There is no resized version of this.

Common Arguments

All lights have 3 arguments in common:

  • n (RendererNode): This determines the position of the light. A detailed explanation is below.
  • dst/src: The destination and source blend modes.


The RendererNode determines the position of the light. For lights this means specifically:

Instance : A fife.instance which the light will follow.

Layer: The layer the light originates from. Lights will illuminate lower layers, but not higher ones.

Location: The relative or absolute location of the light depending on whether the Instance was set or not.

point: The relative or absolute window position as a fife.Point. This differs from location as it is in pixels and (0, 0) is the upper left position of the window.

Usage in FIFErpg

For FIFErpg the lighting color for the camera of the current map can be set by using the set_global_lighting() method of the RPGApplication.

The other lights can be added by using methods of the Map, specifically add_simple_light(), add_light_from_lightmap() and add_light_from_animation().

These will take the arguments for the light and also those for the renderer node. They will also return the LightInfo for the newly created light which can be used to access and set the information of that light.