FIFErpg Overview

FIFErpg is a framework for creating games utilizing a component-based entity system. It uses the FIFEngine and a modified version of the Grease framework. While the default components are specialized for RPGs it is not limited to those as one can create their own components and specify what components are used. The project started as a kind-of fork from PARPG but has been mostly rewritten to utilize components.

The goals of FIFErpg are:

  • To create a framework that makes it easy to create component based games with the FIFEngine by taking care of the basic setup needed for FIFE applications and providing the component system.
  • To create tools that allows to edit the game assets like maps, dialogues, and scripts.

Currently the first is (mostly) finished while there are no actual tools.


FIFErpg is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3. The license text can be found in the gpl-3.0.txt file in the root directory of FIFErpg.


FIFErpg requires a Python 2.7 installation with the following modules:

Downloading FIFErpg

Currently there are two methods to obtain FIFErpg:

Download an official release

These can be obtained here:

Clone the git source repository

The following command clones the repository:

git clone git://

Installation from source

If you downloaded a source release or cloned the repository you have to run the following command:

python install

in the root directory of the source.

After that you can test that everything was correctly installed by cloning the demo repository

git clone git://

and then running


inside the root directory of the demo.

If that opens a new window then everything was correctly installed. If the window is black, or the graphics appear blurry or otherwise incorrect it is mostly a problem with FIFE as that handles the graphical representation. You should check the Known Problems page.


You can view the documentation online at This will always contain the documentation for the Git repository.

The documentation for major versions are available as a subdirectory with the version. v0.1, for example, can be accessed here:

Development status

FIFErpg is currently under development and has no official release yet. The first official release, which will probably have a version number of 0.1, is planned to be made after the next version of FIFE is released and this manual is finished, or does have at least a Tutorial.


The easiest way to contribute is to make a fork of the Git repository on Github and create a pull request.

You can check the issues page for unassigned tasks. If you work on an issues check the comments if someone else is working on it and write a comment if you are working on it.

You can of course create issues yourself, either as proposals for others or tasks that you work on yourself. Please note that there is no guarantee that issues that you create yourself are being added to FIFErpg.