17 January 2017


After fife has finally made a new release we also released the 0.3 version of FIFErpg. Download it here.

The online documentation and tutorials for this version can be found at http://fife-rpg.github.io/docs/v0.3/.

This release works with FIFE 0.4.0.


(Most changes have been made years ago, so I apologize if I don’t remember the exact changes.)

  • Rewrote the Application into several classes to support the different GUIs that fife now supports.
  • Other fixes and changes that I don’t remember anymore.

Also I recently created a Python 3 branch for testing. If you want to use it you need to compile/download the python 3 versions of the specific modules. For fife there is also a Python 3 branch for testing. They are written to support Python 3.5. If you find any errors in either fife-rpg or fife with these branches please report them in the respective issue trackers. While no problems have been found yet, they should be considerd as unstable for the time being.

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